Talking Fish

Look, Listen and Learn

Something Fishy About Arabic-
Level 1, has been designed to help you learn arabic as well as teach your little one.

Before you get started, try learning the arabic letters and their names yourself.

Talking Fish will help you get started and all you have to do is look, listen and learn!

This module focuses on the Arabic Alphabet and Basic Numbers.

The alphabet is centered on 5 main elements: Letter Forms and Names, Letter Sounds, Sample Word Pictures, Sample Words in Arabic and Sample Arabic Words with English Meanings.

We believe that these 6 elements are crucial in understanding and learning the arabic alphabet. The numbers from 0 to 10 will introduce you to the forms, names and english equivalents.

So pick up your rod, grab your bucket ….and let's go fishing!

Let’s Fish

Review and Revise

Let's fish is a fun game that helps you learn arabic and revise and review it.

Pay close attention to the area that you or your little one needs to revise more. Choose your game set accordingly.

To make this game, something that you play all year through, we've given you a special arabic letter set selection. So, you can choose the set that your child has learnt already and play all the games, with just this set. If you feel, your little one needs to focus more on the middle order, just choose that set. Once, they've learnt all the letters, revise by choosing the set with all the letters.

Mixed bag of Bait is a game that mixes up all the different game sets and we can assure you, this game will be bags of fun!

Prep the bait

Coming Soon!