Story behind the app...

A little about Something… Fishy about Arabic

Arabic, for me, presented a great challenge! How was I to help my lil’ girl learn and understand a language that I didn’t know. After all, the classroom must extend into the home for learning to be complete.

So, Keya and I set out on a mission. To learn together and have the most fun while we did!

She loved to fish! So, we made a game where she could fish and learn arabic!

Something Fishy about Arabic-level 1 can be played at home and in school.

It helps you and your lil’ one learn the Arabic Alphabet and basic numbers in a fun, easy and interactive way through three main modules: Talking Fish, Let’s Fish and Prep-the-Bait

It’s really simple and you can mix up the letter forms, sounds and word samples to play not just one game…but several!

So join us and get hooked to learning arabic the fun way! Shukran!